Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Letter to Congressman Adam Putnam Regarding Iran

I just sent this letter to my congressman after receiving an e-mail from him indicating that he would be supporting sanctions against Iran.  Please feel free to use this text for your own letters to representatives and senators.  I will be sending a similar letter to Senators Bill Nelson and George LeMieux, respectively.

Mr. Putnam,

I received your e-mail regarding your intention to support sanctions against Iran for its supposed "secret" nuclear weapons facility. I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your position on this issue, as well as that of the US government in general.

I have read the news accounts, your report, and several different analyses on this supposedly new revelation. I find the statements made by various government officials and the press extremely misleading and often self-contradictory. I have concluded that Iran never intended to keep the Qom facility secret from the IAEA, but was merely waiting to make it public at a moment that would serve its political-diplomatic objectives.

In any case, Iran is a sovereign nation and while I certainly would not want to live there, they have every right to "keep and bear arms" just as any individual or other sovereign entity, treaties they have signed notwithstanding. More importantly, they represent no danger to the United States of America and I object to one dollar of my tax money - already looted beyond comprehension - to be allocated toward defending people in other countries.

Furthermore, I object on moral grounds to our brave U.S. soldiers and citizens, both here and abroad, being put at risk due to acts of aggression by our civilian leaders.

I remind you that your sole purpose in Washington is to defend the Constitution of the United States and thereby to secure my unalienable rights. If you would concentrate on that and leave the affairs of the Middle East to the people who live there, we would be far richer and in much less danger from terrorists.

Please vote against any sanction, military action, or show of force to further provoke Iran. Due to the colossal mistakes you and our other representatives have made regarding domestic economic policy, it is safe to say that you have plenty to do repealing those unjust interventions. Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.

Best regards,

Tom Mullen

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